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Xaygun Kitchen

Kitchen (noun) The heart of a home

A beautiful kitchen motivates us to cook and eat healthy. We now spend more time in our kitchens than anywhere else in the house, and not only to prepare food but also create, entertain and celebrate with family and friends.

You don’t always get the opportunity to change your kitchen. A well designed and functional kitchen will add extraordinary value to your home. Whether it is your forever home, or an investment for sale. Planning and building a kitchen to last, is very important.

Planning can be exciting, but very scary and overwhelming at the same time. Over the years we have established an easy and enjoyable approach to creating the perfect Kitchen for your home.

Step by Step Kitchen Process

1) Quotation

Our consultants will provide you with a written detailed quotation for your recommended renovation works right away!

2) Building Inspection

After budgeting has been discussed, an on-site meeting will be held with our construction team to cover all components of the remodel works with you. This is a great opportunity to discuss any specialised inquiries you may have.

3) Quotation Acceptance

Our team will provide you with a final fixed price contract for the proposed works to be signed once the quotation has been accepted.

4) Design Phase

Our Xaygun Design Team will begin designing proposed plans for your selected space. They will cover all the various components of your new home renovation with you, including your requested lay-out, joinery detailing, fittings, fixtures, tiles, lighting, paint, flooring etc.

5) Product Selection

Our exceptionally experienced Interior Designers will manage you through the selection of products suitable for each space. They will share their broad experience and information to assist you with finding the most reasonable items to regenerate your dream home.

6) Pre-Demolition

Before the renovation process proceeds, our team will carefully prepare your home for demolition.

7) Demolition

This part is straight forward, our team will make sure your renovation space has been stripped back completely for a fresh start. We will inspect the exposed timber frame and plumbing to make sure everything is in good shape before we continue the renovation.

8) Carpentry Preparatory Works

Our carpentry team will prepare the room for the finishing touches.

9) Tiling

Our experienced and careful tilers will thoroughly lay the tiles to perfection.

11) Cabinetry / Joinery

Our specialist cabinet makers will begin to fit the cabinetry in the appropriate space.

12) Benchtops

Our specialist stone masons will begin to fit the stone in the appropriate space.

13) Caulking

The final touch after the tiles are laid, is to silicone the edges of the appropriate space.

14) Fit-Off

Your selected products and appliances will now be installed. Our carpentry team, plumbers and electricians will return to install these.

15) Cleaning

Our professional cleaning team will clean your renovated areas spotless, and ready for you to enjoy with your friends and family.

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