Not only do you get the best service and the best products delivered to your door, we are also proud to provide you with the best price by tracking the regular price of our competitors.

Therefore, our Best Value Guarantee comes with all our goods. We'll match it and provide our amazing customer service for free if you happen to find a lower advertised price from one of our suppliers.

Let us know at by starting a chat or sending us an email. To check the competitor’s price, we will need to see their website link, quote, catalogue, or advertisement to verify the price. Not including trade quotes, bulk buys, or commercial quantities.

Please note our Terms and Conditions for price matching:

- The price of a competitor must be current on the day of the request.

- The product must, in any way, be similar.

- The product must be in the competitor's warehouse.

- The item must be brand new, not damaged cardboard, second factory or refurbished stock.

- Our competitor must be an Australian distributor or be an approved distributor of the product being sold. - We cannot match the platforms affiliated with eBay, Amazon, Gumtree, Kogan, Catch, Marketplace or other retail market pages, as the state of the products and the actual consumer source and stock levels cannot be checked.

- We consider the additional cost of distribution and the type of distribution that our competitors provide.

- All our goods are automatically protected by our insurance, which we can repair if it fails on the road. See our strategy on returns and trades.

- The price may not be conditional or included in any of the following:

- Limits on financing or payment.

- Installation or additional plans for service.

- Purchasing other items in accordance with the item, e.g. a quotation for the package.

- Clearances of stock or end of line promotions.

- Liquidations or clearances for business closure.

- Price match applications are valid only on the day of request and prior to purchase. Prices can only be kept at the discretion of Xaygun for longer periods of time.

- We reserve the right to not match price errors or mistakes.

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