WARNING: Dangers of a DIY Bathroom Renovation/Why DIY Bathrooms are a Mistake

Planning to renovate your bathroom?

When it comes to bathroom renovations, hiring a professional can be costly – and so it might seem like a good idea to do it yourself at first.
You may be thinking you’ll save money on labour costs by doing it yourself, but in reality, skimping on quality can cost you more in the long run. Building a bathroom that is functional and safe for your home requires highly skilled trades people like plumbers, electricians, and tilers.
A DIY bathroom renovation means you’ll have to deal with the stress of purchasing tools and supplies yourself, manual labour, and take responsibility for things that go wrong.
Not to mention, your bathroom is an essential space and a DIY project could take you months at the very least. Calling in a professional will ensure the job will be done within a shorter period and to the best standard.
The truth is, tackling a bathroom renovation yourself comes with many risks. Apart from the design limitations and poor materials, a DIY project with improper installation can lead to a leaky shower. Leaking showers are a very common issue for homeowners. Whether it is breaching the structure of your home or posing a health hazards to you and your family, leaky showers can cause serious damage to your home.

Here are 3 types of damage you need to be aware of:

Mould Growth

Mould Growth

Leaky showers create damp conditions that promote the growth of mould. This will put you and your family at a serious health hazard. Left unchecked, it can cause health issues like respiratory problems, eye irritation, and skin rashes. Mould can also increase the risk of termite infestations by allowing insects and bacteria to breed in your home.

Stained Ceilings and Walls

Stained Ceilings and Walls

Mould can also cause damage to ceilings, interior walls, and floorboards. Plasterboard ceilings and walls are highly absorbent to moisture and have the risk of weakening to the point of failure. Walls and ceilings can also be stained resulting in paint damage, causing a bubbled surface that pulls away and peels.

Structural Damage

Structural Damage

Leaking bathrooms can cause significant structural damage to your foundations, floorboards, walls, and joists. When exposed to moisture for a long period, wood will weaken and become damaged. If left untreated, the wood components can deteriorate and rot, compromising the structural integrity of your home and become dangerous for support beams that hold your home together.

Leaking showers are the cause of many problems in the home. When it comes to bathroom renovations – you’re probably best off hiring a professional. Although the idea of saving money by DIY seems great, it’s worth spending the extra cash on the best contractor who knows exactly what they’re doing. A DIY project with poor materials and improper installation will only cost you more in the long run. Avoid this costly mistake and consult a professional.

Calling in a professional will ensure expert installation and a safe bathroom for you and your family. You want a renovator that is honest, reliable, and gets the job done right the first time.
I recommend hiring an interior designer to help you find the right contractors, handle negotiations, manage all details, and keep the project on track. They will also prevent you from making costly design steps and you will have the benefit of reduced stress and conflict.
Save yourself the time, money, and stress – talk to one of our talented interior designers today!
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